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Timothy Lupfer: Tough Love for Leaders

July 26, 2020

How can you best develop your leadership skills, as well as those of others in the business? Host Jim Karrh talks with Tim Lupfer, author of Leadership Tough Love: Examining Leaders Through the Lens of Reality. 


Among the topics that Tim and Jim discuss:

  • The two components of leadership – influence and authority – and how they interact
  • Leadership lessons to draw from how government officials have attempted to gain compliance during COVID-19
  • Why honesty is indispensable for leaders who want to drive action
  • A military-history lesson Tim shares from the U.S. Civil War—how the invention of the minié ball changed the practice of “leading from the front”
  • The 3 things effective leaders do
  • Why generalists tend to be more effective leaders than are specialists
  • Tim’s view of the importance of leadership-development programs in business—and his strong view of who should be running them



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