Episode 26: Jennifer Fondrevay: Surviving and Thriving Through M&A

March 18, 2019

Why do most acquisitions fail to meet expectations--and why do so many leaders struggle with the messages around an acquisition? Consultant and author Jennifer Fondrevay shares the value of a more human-centric approach to M&A with better communication.

Episode 25: Nick Kalm: PR and Your Reputation

March 11, 2019

Many people think of public relations as the "spin" move to make when things go wrong. Nick Kalm, founder of Reputation Partners, talks about damage control but also about proactive ways for organizations of all types to protect and build their reputations.

Episode 24: Rod Santomassimo: Dominate Your Profession

March 4, 2019

Why do some professional services providers grow while others lag? Rod Santomassimo, founder of the premier real estate coaching and consulting firm in North America, shares his insights about prospecting, your market presence, and production.

Episode 23: Jim Goes Solo: How to Be Trustworthy

February 25, 2019

In this solo episode, host Jim Karrh shares the two fundamental components of professional trustworthiness--plus a path for getting there and two traps to avoid.

Episode 22: Thomas Steenburgh: How to Sell Your New Stuff

February 11, 2019

When it comes to selling new products, the best-performing companies generate 6X the average returns and 12X those of the worst performers. What do they do differently? Thomas Steenburgh, co-author of "How to Sell New Products" in Harvard Business Review, joins us to explain.

Episode 21: Frank Sesno: How to Ask More (and Better) Questions

February 4, 2019

The most successful business people know how to ask the right questions. Former CNN anchor Frank Sesno, the author of Ask More, shares guidelines for the art of inquiry--on the job and at home.

Episode 20: Jeff Kemp: Facing Your Blitzes

January 28, 2019

Sometimes life and business can come at you with ferocity. Jeff Kemp faced many blitzes during his 11 years as an NFL quarterback. Today he works with business leaders and companies to help strengthen their teams and relationships.

Episode 19: Deborah Gardner: Make Your Big Meeting Really Matter

January 21, 2019

With major changes in technology, mobility, and communication, what's working in the world of meetings? Deborah Gardner, a keynote speaker and Certified Meeting Professional, talks about the ways to make your most important meetings a force for change.

Episode 18: Douglas Burdett: Lessons from 200 Marketing Books

January 14, 2019

Want to catch up on your marketing and sales reading list? Douglas Burdett, head of a marketing agency and host of The Marketing Book Podcast, shares the practical lessons from 200 top books he has read and whose authors he has interviewed.

Episode 17: Patti DeNucci: Networking with Intention

January 7, 2019

Many professionals view networking as a "need-to" competence -- but certainly not a "want-to." Patti DeNucci, author of The Intentional Networker, shares ways that anyone can network better (and not just more) to build rewarding relationships.